CODEO TOKEN (CODEO) are built on highly secure technology and are also decentralized and peer to peer, CODEO TOKEN (CODEO) also serve as a transaction tool for all parts of the ecosystem that are products and at the same time play a major role and contribute to supporting all activities of CODEO TOKEN (CODEO)

The New World Digital Asset

CODEO is built using a very secure and decentralized, peer-to-peer technology. CODEO is a transaction instrument that integrally as a part of ecosystem which becomes the products as well as significantly contributes in supporting all of  CODEO activities.

CODEO TOKEN was built with a variety of unique and special unlike other Tokens, because CODEO TOKEN comes as a vehicle forms a safe and comfortable digital ecosystem by providing protection not only against security, but rather protection of business value and value of codeo assets owned by users. in business aspects Code is designed as a long-term and sustainable digital transaction instrument where CODEO TOKEN is in phase future planning will be used not only for crypto users and the blockchain industry but CODEO TOKEN continue to build a unique and integrated ecosystem in various industries. through FIVE ANGES INVESTMENT (FAI Limited) Legal companies registered on the British Virgin island (BVI) will encourage the CODEO TOKEN function to be used in various industries including Startup products included in the CODEO incubator progra

the spread of codeo ecosystem support in various industries

 Agregator Payment network
Paid & membership Online Program
Online Game services ( ie. Steam & Google Play)
 Cryptocurrency & Digital Asset Market Exchanges
Property & Automotive Online Listing & marketplace

Token Price Guarantee

The advantage of
purchasing CODEO  is you will have Guarantee on a Basic Price as an amount
     of $1 per 1 Token you buy .             
 If Market price CODEO going down Below on $1, you can sell in $1 in ARCHIDAX EXCHANGES

Interest 2% p.a

Having CODEO you will
have an additional benefit of 2% interest rate from Basic Price Guarantee that you can receive in June 7 every year.

 The value of 2% paid will automatically be added to your CODEO wallet in ARCHIDAX EXCHANGES

Liquid & Cashable

CODEO is a valuable digital asset and is very easy to trade because CODEO is Listed in almost all global and local Crypto and Digital Exchanges. Your ease of owning and obtaining CODEO  in the world market is our top priority

Why Codeo Token (CODEO) ?

As the growth of the digital industry makes blockchain technology evolve faster and faster, it is marked by the emergence of new platforms that are experimental and just want to be seen to have an impact, but in fact many platforms fail and lead to scams or fail to release their products on the market. seeing from these various problems codeo tokens provide an innovation and new colors in the blockchain industry and become an answer for investors and interested people in the cryptocurrency Sector

there are three things that are very basic and become a principle for codeo in running the system of both business and technology namely Integrity, Transparency and warranty. CODEO Present in building a community of users who are united together in a vision that is dedicated to building a decentralized and open integrated Blockchain ecosystem where community and ecosystem growth will foster awareness of the use of transactions using digital assets that are safe, fast, and microfees

Our CODEO Exchanges Listing Plan

Archidax Exchanges

As a crypto and Digital Asset Exchanges, Archidax exists to answer all problems and challenges faced by investors or traders of blockchain from exchanging coins /token to fund disbursement to bank account. Archidax provides various access, facility, speed, security as well as convenience for traders or investors to transact and trade.

Exchanges Problems today

It has been a worrying issue for traders and investors that hackers always haunt crypto exchanges activity. Therefore it becomes the main focus of Archidax in providing security and convenience for traders or investors to trade or transact at Archidax. Our system is built using a top standard security system and has been audited and tested by experts.

At present, there are many crypto exchanges built by teams that are unqualified and inexperienced in trading and financial business. Practically, in the process of operating and running crypto exchanges, they tend to create a platforms or system using simple approach.

That a system using a simple approach or concept might work within a short period of time, however as the users and the transaction continue to increase this will give an impact to the increase of system traffic as well. This will hamper the development of crypto exchanges that may develop into a major platform which accessed around the globe. It looks simple though, yet this is very important to underpin the long-term successful of crypto exchange itself.

Archidax is established by experts who are qualified in the field of banking and financial. Archidax has come into exist and contributed as an expert that creates a world-class crypto exchange industry

Most global trade is not so in line with the current growth of crypto exchanges therefore the conventional currency trades with Crypto currency comparison cannot be yet traded and displayed simultaneously. Archidax comes with a feature that enables you to transact various exchanges of world standard conventional currencies such as USD, GBP,JPY,CNY,SGD,EURO,AUD,IDR with  Crypto currency such as CODEO,BTC,ETH and LTC. here you can do activities from withdrawing to completing your exchanges up to your local bank account

These days, customer service and satisfaction as well as customers’ complaint management become problems that traders and investors of Crypto Exchanges are facing.  For example the minimum handling, slow response and the terrible customers’ service especially on disbursement or customer’s deposit.

In developing its feature, Archidax will adopt a technology called AI ( artificial Intelligence) that maximizes the customer service function.  It then helps to answer all the problems and complaints as well as needs required by Traders and investors.

Archidax Features and services

Features and Service of Archidax will support investors and traders to be able to increase a trust as well as accelerate the value of trade and transaction at Archidax, which includes :

Low Fees

Token / Coin Listing

Safe & Secure

IEO ( Initial Exchanges Offering)

Supported 7 CUrrencies


Fast Deposit & Withdrawal

Digital Stocks


Implementation Sheet

This is a list of cryptocurrencies. The number of cryptocurrencies available over
the internet as of 7 January 2018 is over 1384 and growing.

February -April 2019
Idea and
April - August 2019
Archidax Exchanges & Trading
October 2019
Codeo & Protocol
08 Nov -8 Dec 2019
November - December 2019
IEO Listing
on Binance
December 2019
Mobile apps for
iOS & Android
Pre-Sale & Values

Tokens Sale

CODEO is a digital asset based on ERC20 technology that guarantees the lowest value is $ 1. and also with you buying CODEO you will be entitled to get a profit of 2% every year calculated from the amount of tokens that you have with a value of $ 1 and you will receive it on every June 7 into your codeo wallet

IEO Will end
  • Pre-Sale
  • IEO
  • Listing
  • |
  • |
  • |
0% target raised

CODEO Is the best investment instrument in the field of digital assets where you will get a variety of benefits and benefits ranging from guarantee and value protection to ecosystems and communities that support each other.

  • Satoexchange ((( Live )))
  • IEO -Catex Exchange ((( Live )))
  • IEO-Binance ** Progress**
Token Stats

Token Distribution

The ICO usually takes place before the project is completed, and helps fund the expenses
undertaken by the founding team until launch. For some of the larger projects.



To calculate the number of tokens you’ll receive, you can follow the following formula. Note that this applies to public presale contributions only. If you participated through a syndicate or private presale,

To calculate the number of tokens you’ll receive, you can follow the following formula. Note that this applies to public presale contributions only. If you participated through a syndicate or private presale

Symbol: CODEO

Initial Value: 1 CODEO = 1 USD

Smart Contract 0x46b4a7d906F1A943b7744Df23625E63726d79035

Type: ERC20

CODEO Distributions 30 Billion

CODEO initial Issued 3 Billion


the reason and purpose of creating codeo?

Codeo tokens come as an innovation and solution from digital market players and blockchain to transact using valuable and guaranteed digital assets of value and price. because codeo is designed for a payment instrument and transactions for the present and the future


codeo is part of the business unit of FIVE ANGELS INVESTMENT (HOLDING) LIMITED British virgin Island (BVI) where we are engaged in business development and innovation in the digital-based financial world. through this company also supports the funding of digital startup companies through an incubation program held to grow new startups towards unicorns and even decacorns


Codeo besides being safe also has advantages such as a guarantee of the lowest value of $ 1 where if market conditions deteriorate you will get a $ 1 guarantee price and can sell at Archidax. that is, the company will buyback through archidax. with the condition if the price of the token is under $ 1

Are there additional advantages of having codeo token?

by having codeo you will get an additional benefit of getting an annual interest of 2% per year which is accumulated from the $ 1 guarantee value. and multiply by the number of tokens you have. and you will receive these benefits every June 7 and will be sent to your wallet codeo

How to have a CODEO TOKEN ?

Codeo tokens you can have through IEO on CATEX (now), BINANCE, COINEAL, ARCHIDAX and others. and after IEO you can also trade on exchanges where our target for the first year is 25 exchanges

Is Codeo Safe?

Codeo is a secure digital asset because it stands on decentralized and secure Ethereum ERC 20 technology. Codeo continues to develop technology for security by building its own Blockchain network which will be released by the end of August 2020



Office : PO.BOX 957, Offshore Incorporation Center,Road Town Tortola British Virgin Island