The New World Digital Asset

CODEO is built using a very secure and decentralized, Peer-to-peer technology. CODEO is a transaction instrument that integrally as a part of ecosystem which becomes the products as well as significantly contributes in supporting all of CODEO activities


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The Future of Digital Asset

CODEO TOKEN was built with a variety of unique and special unlike other Tokens, because CODEO TOKEN comes as a vehicle forms a safe and comfortable digital ecosystem by providing protection not only against security, but rather protection of business value and value of codeo assets owned by users. in business aspects Code is designed as a long-term and sustainable digital transaction instrument where CODEO TOKEN is in phase future planning will be used not only for crypto users and the blockchain industry but CODEO TOKEN continue to build a unique and integrated ecosystem in various industries. through FIVE ANGES INVESTMENT (FAI Limited) Legal companies registered on the British Virgin island (BVI) will encourage the CODEO TOKEN function to be used in various industries including Startup products included in the CODEO incubator program


Codeo tokens are digital assets that you can store like valuable securities. because the codeo token has a value that continues to grow and is stable


By Having CODEO you will have an additional benefit of 2% interest rate from Basic Price Guarantee that you can receive in June 7 every year. The value of 2% paid will automatically be added to your CODEO wallet in ARCHIDAX EXCHANGES


codeo tokens are supported by an integrated ecosystem with a platform that is present to answer all your transactional needs and exchange needs using your various needs


codeo tokens are present in many global market exchanges which can provide investment benefits in the form of trading on global markets in trading codeo tokens


Codeo tokens become as a secure blockchain-based payment instrument and can be used throughout the codeo merchant network throughout the world


CODEO is a valuable digital asset and is very easy to trade because CODEO is Listed in almost all global and local Crypto and Digital Exchanges. Your ease of owning and obtaining CODEO in the world market is our top priority


Implementation Sheet

Codeo Token Distributions Phase by Phase and Roadmap for Development of Codeo Ecosystem

February - April 2019
Idea and
April 2019 - jan 2020
Archidax Excahanges & Trading
October 2019
CODEO & Protocol Creations
Nov 2019 - Dec 2019
January 2020 - February 2020
IEO Complete on CATEX
Live Now
February 2020 - March 2020


Win Harry
Avinash Kaushik
Daniel Popa


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As the growth of the digital industry makes blockchain technology evolve faster and faster, it is marked by the emergence of new platforms that are experimental and just want to be seen to have an impact, but in fact many platforms fail and lead to scams or fail to release their products on the market. seeing from these various problems codeo tokens provide an innovation and new colors in the blockchain industry and become an answer for investors and interested people in the cryptocurrency Sector there are three things that are very basic and become a principle for codeo in running the system of both business and technology namely Integrity, Transparency and warranty. CODEO Present in building a community of users who are united together in a vision that is dedicated to building a decentralized and open integrated Blockchain ecosystem where community and ecosystem growth will foster awareness of the use of transactions using digital assets that are safe, fast, and microfees
CODEO is a new digital asset that provides a new experience of a secure and convenient transaction which adopts a decentralized and borderless Blockchain technology.
CODEO is not only as a digital asset or a payment instrument, but it is also supported by merchant networks and strategic partners that encourages the growth of ecosystem as well as gives an easy access for both communities and users to transact digitally in CODEO network. Similar to Paypal, CODEO comes into exist and will change all methods of conventional payment to a decentralized and peer to peer system.
CODEO is a business unit of FIVE ANGELS INVESTMENT LIMITED based in Tortola British Virgin Island (BVI) that issues and supports the CODEO products and their global operational.
The project and development of the ecosystem will be divided into three phases. The first phase of project will apply for 2 years starts from the fourth quarter of 2019 to fourth quarter of 2021. Codeo Token will only focus on product development such as Archidax Exchanges and Digital Start-Up Incubator Program. At the same time, CODEO TOKEN will expand to all crypto market exchanges both locally and globally as well as the exchanges service providers to ensure that the stocks and facility of CODEO are sufficient. In the second phase, the first quarter of 2022 to the quarter of 2024, CODEO will focus on the merchant development aimed at maximizing the CODEO token as a payment method and transaction in all merchant networks worldwide. The supply of tools such as QR Reader as well as kiosk machine will be placed gradually in many spots and in all merchant location around the world based on the increasing of users and communities of CODEO TOKEN. For the first quarter of 2025, the target of the project will focus on the development of merchant number and massive socialization of increasing the awareness of society from being conventional to be adaptive on a digital payment using CODEO. The development continues to increase by expanding the merchant networks and cooperating in various sectors of industries from hospitality, F&B, automotive, game platforms to agriculture and fishery.
CODEO TOKEN is designed as digital assets that serves you continuously and will always develop by applying the latest technology. ERC 20 is a new brand technology which will always be developed by our CODEO TOKEN Developers
The distribution is done gradually based on the needs and global trade value through the market exchanges that cooperate with us worldwide.
The value of Codeo Token will gradually develop and in balance with the growth of industry and business within the CODEO Ecosystem.
As our vision and mission is to become a valuable digital assets for todays and future, so CODEO TOKEN is designed and expected to be the main alternative as a payment instrument such as Paypal. CODEO TOKEN will become a stable digital instrument payment and has a good investment value. CODEO TOKEN issues 1 Trillion to provide and facilitate users with sufficient payment instrument to meet the growth of economy global.
In our exact calculation, the growth of the CODEO Token value will continue to increase gradually from time to time in accordance with the global market growth as well as various determining factors such as parameters of supply and demand.
Codeo Token comes into exist as a digital asset which mutually synergized among product, merchant and users. This takes place due to the role of all users who drive the world Digital Economy within CODEO Ecosystem. Seen form this situation, then CODEO TOKEN gives 2% fixed interest rate resulted from each profit obtained in Codeo Token and all business networks which are supported by Codeo Token. This is one of the real appreciations of CODEO to all parties involved in our CODEO Ecosystem.


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