Archidax Exchange
Digital Asset Market & Trade
Archidax Exchange
Digital Asset Market & Trade
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As a crypto and Digital Asset Exchanges, Archidax exists to answer all problems and challenges faced by investors or traders of blockchain from exchanging coins / token to fund disbursement to bank account. Archidax provides various access, facility, speed, security as well as convenience for traders or investors to transact and trade.
Archidax is established by experts who are qualified in the field of banking and financial.

Archidax has come into exist and contributed as an expert that creates a world-class crypto exchange industry.
Features and Service of Archidax will support investors and traders to be able to increase a trust as well as accelerate the value of trade and transaction at Archidax, which includes:

Token / Coin Listing

At Archidax, we open the opportunity to all developers of coin / token who would like to join and trade their token by terms they should have community and is in listing minimum at 1 exchange and affiliated by or 

While the cost charged by Archidax  started from 0.5 BTC up to 1.5 BTC and for developers of token listing is required to use Codeo Token (CODEO) in order to list their token /coin.

IEO ( Initial Exchanges Offering)

Similar to the initial coin offering, IEO has a concept of selling tokens where investors could buy the tokens from token's developers that sold through IEO Program before they trade their tokens at market exchanges.

At archidax , besides investors participate in trading or buying tokens being sold, the investors or traders can also exchange their tokens/ coins into Codeo Token (CODEO)


Developers of token can do a listing at Archidax free of charge through a voting process held by Archidax selection Team. They will select 1 viable token / coin to be on listing at Archidax by the qualification of the highest number of voting and minimum voting is 2500 votes. 

Every investors or traders may participate in voting of token / coin to be listed or traded at Archidax and is charged 0.5 CODEO per vote by terms one account can only vote once in a month

Digital Stocks ( D-Stocks)

At Archidax exchanges you could buy digital stock of companies that publish their digital stock and you can access the data completely both financial report and company performances in real time at Archidax platform.

The digital stocks cannot be freely transferred where investors or traders can buy or sell at Archidax. But they can still transact using Codeo Token (CODEO).


Archidax supports a start-up company that has a great potential to grow and develop and has an innovative  in providing the solution upon the problems faced by public as well as having a well and established business .
Therefore the incubator at archidax provides funding towards the creation and development of products developed by start-up developers. For the first step, archidax will support funding for 1000 start-up.
This corporation of funding will later be converted into a value with Codeo Token.
Let’s soon join us and be part of a successful ecosystem Blockchain digital